Update over de naailessen

In Kothamupparu sloten vorige maand 52 vrouwen de opleiding naaien en stikken succesvol af, recent startte er een nieuwe groep in Tallagudam.

Wat volgt is een rapport van Father Joby VC over de opleiding:


“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you” says John Bunyan. It is with immense joy and happiness we write this note to you. As we have mentioned in the earlier reports that we have already initiated a tailoring training for the women of the village and at this juncture we have completed it with great success. The training was commenced before three months with strength of 72 women, coming for the daily training in spite of very difficult situations and circumstances. As the course or training was just completed before two days, there came out 52 women, who took the complete utilization of the given opportunity to find out a better earning to improve their daily living standard. Due to some unforeseen reasons some of them could not complete the training and those completed were extremely happy and conveyed their gratitude to SIDE BY SIDE INDIA and BDS for arranging such a wonderful opportunity for them to come together and to learn something for their betterment of life. They themselves arranged a singing out program and invited us to be a part of that, in which three of our priests and the gramapanchayat president too took part. To our surprise many of them came forward to express their experience and some of them were in tears as their childhood dream was accomplished successfully.

The course was conducted for the three successive months without any elapse in between the training. One mentor was appointed to be the in charge of the training and frequent inspections were done from our staffs to make sure that such a wonderful opportunity is not wasted or taken with easiness. The women who came for the training were with ardent desire to learn something for their rest of the life and living, which could be read out from their effort to take part in this training program. Though the beginning days were difficult due to the heavy hot and humid atmosphere, it couldn’t decrease their vigor and desire to be the part of the training. The training sessions were normally in the day time under the careful guidance of the mentor. Likewise the training was continued through three successive months and got completed just days before.

Undoubtedly it will be a truly a turning point in the lives of the people who participated in this training, because it did help them to learn a livelihood. From now on they could easily turn it as their profession and there are many job opportunities awaiting them in this field. They could practice it easily in their homes without any interruptions to their other activities. We have already requested owners of certain companies to admit some of these ladies to their factory as they are completed the training with proper certificates. We will issue certificates for all the women who successfully completed the training which make them eligible for the work in the particular field. And we are planning to execute the same training for the women of the village in the coming months according to the conveniences and availabilities. They all whole hearted thanked SIDE BY SIDE INDIA and BDS for making their lives better and for arranging such wonderful opportunities to excel in their lives.